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Microsemi SSU 2000

Generate and distribute superior synchronization signals for advanced network services

SSU 2000SSU 2000
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The Symmetricom® SSU 2000 and SSU 2000e are fully manageable synchronization systems used by communications network operators to generate and distribute superior synchronization signals for their networks. The SSU 2000 conforms to ANSI standards and is NEBS certified, while the SSU 2000e is ETSI certified. Both systems use the same plug-in cards.

In addition to traditional frequency network timing capabilities for SDH/SONET networks, the SSU 2000/SSU 2000e supports packet network synchronization with carrier-grade Network Time Protocol (NTP) server and IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster capabilities. The platform supports the seamless introduction of SyncE output capabilities elements into your network through the optical Ethernet port on the PTP grandmaster card. The SSU 2000/SSU 2000e is a key element in the Symmetricom Synchronization Distribution Architectures for LTE networks: synchronizing frequency for backhaul networks with SyncE, supplying PTP sync for the 4G/LTE mobile stations, and providing NTP sync for residential small cells.

Integrated Primary Reference Source, Input Flexibility
The SSU 2000/SSU 2000e integrates single or dual GNSS primary receiver cards to meet primary reference clock requirements. Two cards are available: one supports both GPS and GLONASS, the other is GPS only. The systems also supports multiple input cards; versions are available for T1, E1, JSW and JCC (Japan), 1 MHz, 1.544 MHz, 2.048 MHz, 5 MHz and 10 MHz.

Intelligent Clock Cards, Superior Holdover Performance
The SSU 2000/SSU 2000e accepts single or dual clocks. Three clock cards are available to meet different international standards and specific holdover requirements; ITU-T Type 1 (ETSI Slave Clock, enhanced quartz oscillator), Type II (Stratum 2E, enhanced rubidium oscillator), and Type III (Stratum 3E, enhanced quartz oscillator).


High Output Capacity, High Availability Architecture

Carrier-grade NTP Server

PTP Grandmaster Card