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Solutions IEEE 1588 PTP

Le protocole de précision temporelle (PTP) IEEE 1588 correspond aux normes émergentes pour apporter un timing et une synchronisation précises à travers des réseaux Ethernet qui prennent en charge des paquets. Les solutions IEEE1588 de pointe de Symmetricom travaillent avec une grande variété d'applications comme une synchronisation de classe opérateur et un horodatage précis pour le test et la mesure de réseaux PTP. Ces solutions permettent aux clients de Symmetricom de se bénéficier directement de bas prix, d'une meilleure capacité du réseau Ethernet pour prendre en charge des paquets, sans sacrifier les exigences de timing et de synchronisation précises.

Différentes solutions IEEE 1588 PTP de Symmetricom :

  • IEEE 1588 Servers
Symmetricom's comprehensive portfolio of IEEE 1588 server products provide the highest level of reliability and performance available on the market today. All Symmetricom IEEE 1588 servers incorporate true "carrier class" features such as redundant power supplies, redundant clock cards and port bonding to guarantee the five-nines (99.999%) reliability and uninterrupted service demanded by equipment manufacturers and network service providers worldwide. This high level of reliability, combined with high performance and FPGA-based packet time stamping, makes Symmetricom IEEE 1588 servers the gold standard for providing precise timing and synchronization over next generation, packet-based IP networks.
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  • IEEE 1588 Clients
Ethernet and IP are rapidly replacing traditional TDM circuit infrastructure in the communications network. This creates "timing islands" in the network, potentially causing service impairments. Mobile services are especially vulnerable as they require precise synchronization at base stations. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a method to deliver synchronization via the packet network. Symmetricom's IEEE 1588-2008 client portfolio offers just such a solution. It includes three flexible client options for both carriers and network equipment manufacturers.
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  • IEEE 1588 Measurement and Analysis Tools
With unpredictability of IP networks for synchronization, it is critical to have the ability to accurately test and analyze PTP performance for synchronization quality. Symmetricom’s IEEE 1588 measurement and analysis test tools provide network operators the ability to collect packet timing and traditional synchronization data, and perform analysis for the results.
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  • IEEE 1588 Network Management Systems
Scalable, secure, state-of-the-art management platforms enable network operators to monitor the interaction and performance of synchronization networks on a local and global scale, ensuring seamless, dependable, uninterrupted operations.
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Microsemi TimeProvider 2700/2300

Designed to support small cells and meet the stringent timing requirements of 4G/LTE networks

Microsemi TimeProvider 5000

Carrier grade IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP v2) Grandmaster Clock with additional capabilities